About TYSK

Welcome to Things You Should Know the web presence of my YouTube channel “Things You Should Know“. Here I will keep posted videos from YouTube, maybe some of my meandering thoughts about this project, etc.

The idea of this channel is to learn. I firmly believe that learning is good for everyone (including me). The act of putting this together for you means I have to learn even more than I originally understood.

I will have videos on how various governmental entities work, how taxes, accounting and other “business” things are supposed to function. In addition I love history, arts, and hobbies. So yes, this entire idea is probably to large for one area, but I plan on trying to make it work.

About Me: I am a late blooming college graduate who is a white collar professional. Right out of school I worked at a CPA firm doing taxes, then moved on for several years as a governmental auditor. My job as an auditor was to audit various types of governmental agencies from State agencies, counties, cities, police and fire departments down to the smallest mosquito district (yes, they have governmental districts for controlling mosquitos).

After my time there I was a Senior Accounting Analyst for a large local government, and then I became an investigator for the underground economy for a state taxing agency. Finally I am currently working auditing defense contractors for the Department of Defense.

I have many hobbies (history is one of the biggest things I love, but not to be outdone I love gaming as well).

I do not know everything, I learn constantly and find that I was wrong in the past. If you find I am wrong, or have your own opinion I would love to hear it. Please feel free to contact with me, I like debates and I even sometimes like to hear that I was right :).


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